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Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by, my name is Jenny Bateman

I'm a photographer located in the cozy little mountain town of Kimberley, BC.

Here's a little info to answer your question-Who the heck is Jenny-BG anyways?

*capturing moments in life with my camera fills my heart

*shooting athletes in action is almost as exhilarating as partaking in the sport myself

*I am up for any adventure required to capture the shot that you dream of

*a great photo is achieved by the collaboration between my clients and myself

*I am an adventure seeker on 2 wheels, flat pedals, throttle assisted, 2 planks, and fat tires

*peanut butter on my burgers is delectable

*shooting portraits of women grants me the amazing feeling of helping women be free and see the beauty that exudes from within

*getting lost in the woods is like nothing else

*I believe that it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks

*speaking of dogs, they are some of my favourite photography subjects indeed

*talking to strangers can altar the path your on and it all starts with a simple smile

*laughter is the key to a happy and successful life

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