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So Much Fun With Your Boots On

Have you ever had this much fun with your boots on?

You know, the kind that has you on the edge of your seat, hootin' and hollerin' one minute, and holding your breath the next?

I have and I did! during the Cranbrook 33rd Pro Rodeo at the Wycliffe Exhibition Grounds this past weekend

As I crossed the dusty field I joined the crowds as they poured into the stands, excited to find their seats. Hunger filled my belly as I passed by the concession where burgers and dogs were grilling.

Picking my way through the family folk to find my spot with a view arena-side. At the end of the arena I find my place amongst the other photographers and settle into the dirt, the closer to the action the better!

As people are seated I hear the sweet sound of cans being cracked, children's cotton candy fuelled laughter as they run about with sticky fingers and their little pals. It all comes to a gentle hush as Wes Cummings welcomes the crowd and all the Cowgirls n'  Cowboys from all over North America.

Let the Rodeo begin!

As the broncs kick up dirt from fiercely diggin' in, the cowboys strength is challenged. But they're not the only ones whose ability to 'Hold-On' is mighty impressive...between the team roping, steer wrestling, trick riders, and the bull riders enduring the wildest 8 seconds of their day I'm impressed beyond words by all of them. My heart for the rodeo is with the Cowgirls rounding those barrels at top speed though. Coming through the gate like a bat outta hell with undeniable beauty to boot, Cowgirls are a force to be reckoned with from what I can tell.

As the event comes to an end Wes shares the Cowboy Prayer with us. He thanks the Cowboys and Cowgirls for all that they do and remembers those that no longer ride.

With the last sip of my cold brew, I wash away the grit that's gathered in my teeth from having the best seat in town. As I pack up my gear, I say good-day to my fellow photographer's.

Joined by the masses as I exit the grounds I am left thinking about the athletic ability of the Cowboys & Cowgirls, the determination it takes to compete, a strength unmatched by many, and the passion they must have to endure a life on the road.

As I look around at all who came; young, elderly, and the in between I think we would all agree that we look forward, no actually we cannot wait until the Rodeo returns next year!

Until then, let's have a look at these shots I captured and see if they don't encourage you to mosey on down to the Rodeo next time...

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